Clebus ecosystem aims to provide a sustainable interconnected ecosystem, driving the transition from WEB2 to WEB3.
Throughout this process, we implement digital identity certification using blockchain and NFTs, and validate and endorse generative AI such as chatbots through our proprietary NFTs.
Users can certify and trade their creations or services as NFTs via Clebus, generating revenue, and anyone worldwide can participate in the ecosystem as both producers and consumers. Moreover, Clebus offers NFT certification services in various fields such as automotive, golf, beauty, etc., supporting identity certification, transactions, asset accumulation, etc., within the ecosystem using CLE tokens.

Generative AI + Certification (Chatbot etc.)

The digital AI content and services that are difficult to verify for authenticity can be protected against user harm through NFTs.

CLEBUS guarantees the Originality and Quality of AI services and prevents the side effects of deepfake technology at the source.

- AI Financial Services Certificate

- Guarantee of Content Originality

- Prevention of False Information Exploiting Deepfake Technology

Alman Video

Non Fungible Token

NFT Marketplace

  • NFT's first LAYER2 (STAY PENDING -Hybrid decentralized system)

    Our 'hybrid decentralized system' takes one step further than Layer 2 in reducing gas fee and processing time. Gas fee incurred in each transaction is drastically reduced, while providing reliable transaction environment through 'STAY PENDING' technology.

  • Direct communication with creators through social media function

    We provide optimal NFT trading environment. NFT creators' works and profile are displayed, and users can communicate with the creators through social media.

  • Premium auction service

    We provide optimal NFT trading environment. NFT creators' works and profile are displayed, and users can communicate with the creators through social media.

P2P assets(Crypto, NFTs) service provider

Decentralized exchanges allow anyone to trade virtual assets on the platform without restrictions. Users can trade with transparency and speed. Layer 2 was adopted as integrated virtual asset exchange, integrating two provisional exchange methods, to ensure security and processing speed.

Metaverse. We propose metaverse to be a platform where every kinds of value can be traded. We can create infinite value in this virtual world, where we can transcend time and space. You can create goods and items that reflect real world. Grab a camera, and take a picture, and dress up your character in the metaverse. This is your world to build. Click History for more detail.




  • Token Name

    CLE COIN Token (CLE)

  • Algorithm


  • Decimals


  • Total Token Supply

    10,000,000,000 CLE



Starting with the P2P virtual asset exchange and NFT market using block chain technology, CLE provides a global payment system, enabling all participants to engage in active economic activities in a new virtual world on the virtual asset-based metaverse platform.

Participants can participate in CLEBUS Network anywhere in the real world and receive nationwide services. CLEBUS ecosystem overcomes shortcomings of exchange rate changes between key currencies due to borders, slow transfer speed, and fees.

Digital assets, stay safe

CLE Wallet
Service open

Users have a personal wallet and a private key to access the personal wallet through authentication process. Using personal wallet, users can engage in various activities within CLE wallet platform. First, you can freely transfer CLEs that have not been CLE Forced Up from your personal wallet to an external or someone else's wallet without commission. In this case, since CLE utilizes the TRX blockchain, no transaction fees occur, including deposits and withdrawals. Second, CLE can be purchased at an external exchange and be transferred to personal wallet, and use CLE Force Up. This allows you to check your assets within the CLE wallet platform. Finally, CLE in a personal wallet can be transferred at any time at an external exchange. In addition, CLE can be rewarded through attendance check and other various events.

Clebus Whitepaper

Whitepaper Download

Clebus Roadmap


  • Gyo Seong KOO

    President / Chairman
    • - ALMAN Company Inc. Founder & President
    • - Magazine “BLANC” Founder & Publisher
    • - KISTI Expert committee member (Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information)
  • Jung Sug CHAE

    Vice-Chairman/Representative Attorney
    • - Founder&Representative Attorney, Ungbin Lawfirm
    • - Vice-Chairman of KPGA
    • - President of Law School Alumni Association, Stanford Club of Korea
    • - Partner, Sejong Lawfirm
    • - President and General Counsel of Hanwha Group
    • - Chief Prosecutor of Yeoju Prosecutors’ Office
    • - Senior Prosecutor of Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office
  • Jae Nam LEE Ph.D

    CKO : Knowledge Director
    • - Professor at the City University of Hong Kong, Korea University BS
    • - LG-CNS as a PM & IT consultant
    • - Listed in Marquis Who’s Who for several years
    • - The world’s top 100 educators organized by the International Biographic Center in 2016
    • - Asia Representative at the Association for Information Systems
    • - Professor at the Korea International Trade Association, Korea Stock Exchange
  • Kyeongchae CHENG

    CTO: Chief Technology Officer
    • - Assistant Professor of Research at Seoul National University's College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
    • - Head of Seoul Regional Headquarters of Korea Linux User Group
    • - Establishment of the website of Hyosung WPM National Project Group
    • - A patent for a system that generates smart contracts using blockchain
    • - Patents for blockchain-based compensated security systems
    • - A patent for a blockchain-based non-face-to-face transaction forgery prevention system
  • Sang A Park

    UX / Communication Director
  • Hoi Su JUNG

    CCO : Accounting Director
    • - Meritz Securities
    • - Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
    • - Seondo Electric Corp.
  • Daniel HONG

    Marketing Team #1
    • - Equalbase, Senior Business Deveopment Manager
    • - LS Networks Co.,Ltd Project Manager
    • - LG Display Assistant Manager
  • Sol BEK

    Create Director
    • - BLANC ART Chief Director
    • - Concert master in EU/ASIA
    • - Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
  • Angelina LEE

    • *Innowireless Future Strategy Office
      - ICT, Automobile, Mobility, Big Data, AI, etc. and Technology-based Future New Business Commercialization Promotion Planning
    • *SK Telecom
      - Global Technology Sourcing and Evaluation - Technology Sourcing Promotion - Next-generation Technology Development Planning and R&D
    • # The Ministry of Information and Communication Ministerial Commendation : 2005
      # SUPEX Award for Outstanding Talent : 2001, 2005, 2008
      # ICT Sector Global Technical Leader : 2014


  • 2004~2009

    • 2004-02

      Patent decision / 10-2001-0027479 ‘Information search method on network using representative keywords’

    • 2005-02

      Patent registration / No. 10-0472668 ‘Method of providing information using questions and answers on the web’

    • 2006-08

      Established Clebus Co., Ltd.

    • 2008-04

      Opened www.clebus.com commercial service

    • 2008-09

      Korea Best Dresser Planning, Hosting, etc.

    • 2009-08

      Accredited corporate research institute / No. 2009111363

    • 2009-09

      Launched luxury magazine ‘BLANC’

    • 2009-12

      Exhibition and Hosting of National University Student Creative Photo Contest (Chung-Ang University,
      Tamami University in Japan, New York School of Visual Art)
      Established Clebus Press Team

  • 2010~2025

    • 2010-01

      Clebus knowledge card launched

    • 2010-06

      Thenan Edu Co., Ltd. e-book contents / E-Learning service contract

    • 2010-08

      Thenan Edu Co., Ltd. e-book/ e-Learning content service contract

    • 2010-09

      Signed MOU for Job Broadcasting.
      Joins.com Syndicated partnership contract / Chosun.com content partnership contract

    • 2010-10

      Hankook Ilbo I content partnership contract / Daum Communication content partnership contract

    • 2011-04

      NHN content partnership contract / Chosun Ilbo text store contract

    • 2011-06

      2011-11 Korea Teachers’ Mutual Aid Association Kyowon Nara “Knowledge Market” contract

    • 2019-01

      ALMAN COMPANY Inc. Establishment of a new corporation: Purpose of global service

    • 2020-02

      CT international patent application / PCT/KR2020/002759 ‘AI information provision system through question and answer on the web’

    • 2020-07

      Silkwood Co., Ltd. ‘domestic and foreign drama/movie rights transaction service contract’ – Shinsegae affiliate
      Hanyang Works Co., Ltd. ‘Domestic and foreign drama/movie rights transaction service contract’

    • 2021-08

      clebus planning and CLE issuance/ electronic wallet development

    • 2022-03

      CLECoin(CLE)Listed as Global Exchange LBANK
      KPGA 'CLEBUS Open' competition contract
      Signed MOU for Friends Corporation

    • 2024-02

      SEIL-X and CLEBUS Partnership for AI Blockchain Certification in Defense and Aerospace Industries.

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